About Us


UOA was founded in 2016 by several national outdoor adventure professionals who were very successful in the industry.  Our founders are leaders in the outdoor and adventure industry and have been since 1980. UOA is the first outdoor adventure franchise in the United States. The goal was to provide a set of standards for outdoor adventure companies operating in the US. The goal blossomed into a franchise and currently has 7 locations with 3 more underway!

We are accredited by as well as a full course provider the American Hiking Guides Association, the Mountain Safety Institute and the National Canyoneering Association.

Training & Certifications

Our guides are trained and/or certified in the activity that they are guiding. Our climbing guides are trained and/or certified by the Professional Climbing Guides Institute or the American Mountain Guides Association. Our hiking, backpacking and mountaineering guides are trained and/or certified by the American Hiking Guides Association. ALL of our guides are CPR and wilderness first aid certified. Most of our guides hold higher wilderness medicine certifications like Wilderness EMT and Remote Paramedic.

Locations & Franchises

We have 7 current franchise locations: Middletown New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Catskills State Park New York, Charlotte North Carolina, Phoenix Arizona, Washington DC. We have 2 locations that will be open in mid 2018 in Florida and Vermont. At each of our franchises we offer several activities in various local, state and National parks in that location.